Communication at Homestar

Part of Homestar’s central vision is building a community of parents, teachers and, of course, children. Close, caring and trusting relationships between families and caregivers always begin with communication. This partnership will begin with the initial intake interview and grow as your child grows. We have learned, through years of experience, that children are provided with a strong sense of security when they see their parents working together cooperatively with their caregivers. Through reciprocal communication, your child will receive consistent, responsive and individualized care.

  • We encourage parents to visit at drop-off and pick-up
  • We have an open-door policy that enable our parents to join us at any time
  • We schedule conferences twice a year, as well as when they are needed or requested
  • Parents read a daily log that details their child’s day
  • We encourage calls to us during the day to check up on your little one
  • We publish a monthly newsletter and send frequent emails about upcoming events
  • We use various observational methods to help you see your child’s development through his/her teacher’s eyes
  • We strive to keep our turnover low so that the teacher that you have worked to build a relationship with will be less likely to be replaced.
  • All of our teachers have a sincere willingness and interest in spending time with each family

All of these things and more lend themselves to create a true partnership between home and Homestar. Open, honest and respectful communication allows for seamless care between home and school.


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