Homestar Is About Community

Homestar has been caring for children for over 23 years. In that time, we have realized that for a school to be a truly loving, safe, engaging environment, it needs to be closely linked to home and the family. Children want the adults in their lives to be connected, to know who they are and what they need. Although this begins at home, once a child enters school, there is the potential for the school to become like an extended family. In addition, parents have told us how much they long for stronger ties with other parents and to build what used to be easily found in neighborhoods. This desire to belong, to feel as an integral and valued member of community, is one of a child’s greatest and deepest needs. For this reason, we have extended Homestar past the normal functions of a daycare center in order to create a community of teachers, children and parents.

The Gathering of Friends Family Camps

Every summer a family camp is offered to Homestar and Running River parents as well as other families. The camp is held on a remote Retreat Center in the Gila wilderness of southwestern New Mexico. The camp combines a wilderness camping experience with educational opportunities for parents, children and for all the families together: from camping, to cooking, gardening, hiking, swimming, exploring, learning wilderness skills, doing crafts, storytelling combined with music and special rituals, as well as time for parents to be involved in some time for parenting discussions. Not only do families get to spend time on a pristine, isolated, incredibly beautiful and varied piece of land surrounded by national forest while at the same time being a retreat center and organic farm, they get to spend time alone, with their partner, and with other adults while their children have the time of their lives with a highly qualified staff. The camp is also geared towards giving parents a chance to be part of a community experience.

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