Great Health of the Body

We believe that the foundation for life long health is established in children very early. It’s a life style: teaching children to understand and care for their own bodies so as they grow up they can make healthy choices. Children are PHYSICAL! They learn about life directly through their senses. They consistently explore, discover, and experience through touching, looking, tasting, hearing, and doing. This incredible and direct connection from the body to learning, IS the foundation for life long health. Eating well and with good habits; developing physical capacities and qualities; establishing self-knowledge through body awareness, sensitivity and education; and experiencing confidence, joy and openness from playing in nature, provide the life force necessary for full growth and development.

We have an emphasis on sensory experiences that children are so in love with. This balances the overemphasis on cognitive learning in our culture. Everything we do has some kind of sensory component as a bridge to learning about the world. 

We teach children about their anatomy: how do our organs work, what happens when we eat food, what happens when we eat fast or slow? We believe children should know all about the inner workings of their bodies in order to understand how to be healthy. Even young children can be taught about what happens inside their bodies. We include songs, skits and making life size drawings of our bodies to help children understand what goes on inside of them.

Taking care of our bodies is a daily routine.  We brush teeth, wash, drink water, eat well, get fresh air, and learn how to take care of ourselves when we don’t feel well.

All children have the potential to be confident in their bodies. We believe that children need to be as physically active as possible in order to develop all their capacities. We have an extensive outdoor program where children have a chance to run, jump, climb, explore and play games. We stretch, tumble, wrestle, jump high, jump long, and play all kinds of games that help children to feel in touch with the power in their bodies. We talk about posture, we do stretching and yoga in our morning circles, and we create many opportunities to learn new ways to move and physically approach new challenges. We help children to feel integrity and strength in their bodies and thus to meet life with an openness  and confidence.

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