Children and Nature

Homestar is nature based. We want children to experience the big sky, the immensity of trees, the songs of birds, the feel of the earth on bare feet, playing with water, sand, mud and rocks, digging for worms, discovering spider webs, feeling the warm sun on their skin and finding secret spots to crawl in and play.

We have found that one of the greatest ways to foster a sense of belonging in children is to have them spend time in nature. There is a great mystery to life that children are still in contact with. They want to know about everything that is alive, where it comes from, how it works, what it does. They experience everything in nature with all their senses: a very full-bodied engagement. After a time, a calm period often settles upon them, and we have seen children become very relaxed and at peace just hanging out in the sun, or the shade, by a tree or rock, picking in the dirt, playing with rocks, or drawing lines with sticks. We feel that the children have entered a space that is more merged with the world around them, more at home. And it is from experiences like these that they will know, in some way, that they belong to a greater world around them.

It is one of our great hopes that children will grow up to feel a consciousness towards caring for the planet. For this to happen, they must have a personal relationship to nature. Nature must be something they feel as a friend, as an ally, as something that they need and love. We sing many songs and tell stories about the great circle of life, and these are the songs the children ask to sing the most.

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