Parent Involvement

The Parent Support Group

The Parent Support Group meets the second Monday of every month. It is open to every parent at Homestar and is a great way to meet other parents, talk about your children and being a parent, and hear about other parents successes, lessons learned, struggles and joys, as well as receiving new educational materials. Every month there is a theme, such as discipline, learning, communication, physical development, creativity and daily schedules and routines. The group runs from 5:15 to 7pm. Dinner is served, the children are cared for, and parents have the opportunity to talk with other parents and teachers about problems, issues, successes and questions concerning all aspects of parenting. Not only do parents find that most parents have the same concerns and deal with similar difficulties, but they all have useful and concrete help to offer each other.

This group is facilitated by Directors Nancy Monson and Marianne Roller. Nancy hosts a radio show at KGNU called “Parenting Solutions” and has published over 25 articles in the local parenting magazines. Her 26 years of experience as an educator has helped parents look at parenting and education from many different angles. Marianne Roller has been in education for over 25 years and is the Director of the Preschool Program. Her expertise and wisdom with children is respected by all  the parents and staff.

The Parent Advisory Board

Once a month a group of parents meets to contribute ideas, opinions, planning, organizing and time to all the policies at Homestar. We have organized fundraisers, looked at tuition rates, created the Parent Volunteer Program, sent out surveys to parents, and been a sounding board for parent’s input and concerns. This group is open to all parents and counts for the one-hour a month of volunteer time. Meeting times are arranged according to the needs of the parents involved. This is a great way to help Homestar be a strong, committed center with quality communication for all the families and the staff.

All Center Work Days

Four times a year, Homestar creates all center work days  We ask parents and staff to volunteer their time to help with repairs, maintenance, painting, cleaning, building and organizing. These work days accomplish in four or five hours what it would take months to do for a few people. In addition to getting a lot of work done, we all leave at the end of the day with the feeling of being part of a wonderful community of people.

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