The Development of Qualities

We want children to be nourished by their own qualities, and not just by what they do. Qualities stay with us as we change in life. Although they are invisible, they are clearly manifested in all our actions. Nature is a great teacher of qualities. Every aspect of nature is the expression of a universal quality or force. Fostering the development of qualities is core to our program. If children are to feel solid in who they are, they will need patience, receptivity, sensitivity, objectivity, stamina, joy, strength, gratitude and more.  We know that these can take a lifetime to become permanent, but by giving them a vital role in our curriculum, we hope to give children a strong taste of internal integrity. 

For example, if we want to learn about patience, we can watch seeds sprout. If we want to learn about being calm, we can pretend to be deer, or watch our bunny rabbit be so still on the playground. We can learn about strength from kneading dough or moving heavier toys. We create projects or experiences where children do activities that help develop specific qualities. These are just a few examples of the essential role qualities play in our program.

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